On average, a gas fire pit is slightly smaller than a wood fire pit, due to the fact that large logs do not have to be stored. Gas ranges are designed with both aesthetics and convenience in mind.

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Homo sapiens have been using the humble fire pit since the Stone Age! Originally used for cooking and keeping warm, the modern fire pit creates a cozy al fresco lounge space. Loved by many, the modern fire pit is aesthetically pleasing and serves as a focal point for any outdoor gathering. They also create a very comfortable atmosphere, keeping you and your guests warm when the sun goes down.

On average, a gas fire pit is slightly smaller than a wood fire pit, due to the fact that large logs do not have to be stored. Gas ranges are designed with both aesthetics and convenience in mind.

Most are designed around faux wood, pebbles or glass. Being gas powered, this type of fire pit is very easy to turn on and off.

Gas fire properties will either require a plumber to run a natural gas line through your home, or use a propane tank to extinguish the fire, the propane tank option being easier, more portable, and less expensive.

Also, from a safety standpoint, gas fire pits are much cleaner and safer than the wood-burning variety because there are no unexpected flames or flying sparks with a wood fire pit. For this reason, a gas fire pit can be installed on the deck, while a wood-burning type cannot.

There are certain types of wood that burn well and others that should never be used in your fire pit. Hardwoods such as elm, ash, beech, oak and birch are excellent burners. However, you may want to avoid using wood with a high resin content. Generally, wood that weighs more produces more heat and burns longer.

On the other hand, you should never burn wood that is rotten, wet, or moldy, and softwoods such as pine or cedar burn very quickly and produce unwanted amounts of smoke. Old wood that has not been properly dried or even young "green" wood emits excessive smoke due to moisture within the grain of the wood.

The only requirement for a home fire pit is a hole dug in the ground. Next you will want to layer the bottom of the hole, start with a layer of sand, then add some gravel, fire pit glass, paving stones, bricks or lava rocks on top of the sand. You can even use your garden dirt, or pour concrete. Use hard, dense rocks that are less likely to absorb water and crack at high temperatures.

Your fire pit should be between 35 and 45 inches in diameter. This should allow gatherers to get close enough to chat around the flames and also create enough space for a reasonably sized fire. As an extra precaution, it is recommended that your pit be lined with a thick steel ring.

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